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Pioneer wired remote hack


Since there are so many questions about this mod I decided to update this page. 

This article shows you how to build your own wired remote so you can hook this up to your steering wheel controls or other locations that suit your need.

If you have a Pioneer head unit (car radio) with a wired remote jack (W/R) on the back you can use this mod.

This write-up is based for Pioneer radio's, but it seems it might work on some Sony's too.


Here is a picture of the back of my Pioneer 7900UB:


On my head unit I found there were 10 functions available (it could be your head unit has more functions available, therefor read below).

here is a list of all my functions:


Here is the complete schematic:

The Diodes are normal 1A diodes, <1A will also work. You can also use schottky diodes, the effect is the same.

Resistor list using E12 resistors:

  • 1,2K = source/2 sec. off
  • 3,3k = ATT (mute)
  • 5,6K = display (song tag info/RDS,...)
  • 8,2K = tune up/next track
  • 12K = tune down/previous track
  • 15K = volume up +
  • 22K = volume down -
  • 56K = band/escape
  • 8,2K + diodes = preset up/folder up
  • 12K + diodes = preset down/folder down


Newer Pioneer models (Thanks to SRed for sharing this Smile ):

New Pioneer models send 3.3V instead of 5v. But the resistor values are still the same. 

For the new pioneer models, you need to acivate "wr" from the settings menu. By default it is off and you won't get any reactions with the resistors until you turn it on.

Hit remote settings and set it to "pioneer". Connect 13-16K resistors when it asks you to press volume up button for one second. 


Are there more functions?

Possibly yes, depending on your type of head unit it could be more functions are available. Like DVD series and bluetooth series. Also you might have extension units plugged in to your Pioneer IP bus that enable more functions. If you want to find out for yourself read below.


How did I discovered this?

Simple, I knew the functions were triggered by resistors so I only needed to find out what function needed what value. I took a precision potentiometer (I believe 100k Ohms, 10 turns) and triggered it every 500 Ohms. 

If you should ever find more functions, please be so kind to let me know. 



For questions and input email me: jeroenvde (followed by


Have fun!



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1.2 kΩ + ring  = Telephone menu (Hold = Bluetooth menu)

3,0 kΩ + ring = Answer

5.5  kΩ + ring = Hang-up (Hold = Reject incoming call)

Tested with AVH-X8500BT.

Still looking for voice control. Unfortunately not found within 0Ω-100kΩ + ring.

Hello Chau!

Thank you for sharing these extra functions! I will add them to the page. Good job Smile


Hi, did you find "voice control" value?

I'm no longer certain the place you are getting

your info, but good topic. I must spend a while finding

out more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent info I used to be

in search of this information for my mission.

Look into my blog post - visit; Lizette,

I found voice control on my DEH-6700BT !!

Needs the ring->diode->sleeve connected, and then 38k-88k between tip & sleeve.

So it's similar to the values for band/escape, but with the ring connected.

I had 10k & 51k in my parts inventory, so gets me nice and close to the 62.75k avg for that.


Cool. Has anyone confirmed this works on the new NEX units. Would really like a remote button just for voice!

Yes it does work on NEX units. Confirmed with AVIC-8100-NEX 

Sory for my English.

I did a development board for testing commands from "Tip" and "Ring" command sets. I used 6k7 resistor for both lines. 
First, "Tip" line - fires "next track", as was expected, but second, "Ring" - enabled "Voise control" instead of "Folder Up". 

I did not know before that my head unit supports "Voise control".
Tested on Pioneer MVH-X580BT.

I plan to use your solution but I whant add IR sensor for using any steering wheel remote control. It should be easy (I think). 

Hi friend, I'm going through a similar problem with yours, however, instead of pushing folder up on this command, my DVD Pionner Model: P4080dvd is switching from banner to banner. Have you found a solution to this error? I await a return. Hugs
I'm Brazilian, I'm using google to translate, I do not have much knowledge in the electrical area but I managed to put together the whole legal scheme, with the exception of this error mentioned above.

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I'm probably going to try this in the near future with my old DEH-1500R that I'm using.

Hi, first of all thanks for sharing this, I'm about to buy a new radio and I wanted to keep the controls on the wheel.  I will try to adapt this to the controls.

I have some doubts about it: in the first picture ring is connected to sleeve, but in the schematic it seems to be connected to tip (5V both), wich is correct? And what is the purpose of the diodes?

No problem,  if you just follow the scematic with the diodes it will work. The diodes are there to make sure both 5VDC signals don't get mixed up.

Is DC1 not shorted via the diode when the switch closes? There is no resistance in series.

Yes, but this is how it's designed to work. No worries!

Hello there, great job and just in time, I just bought a Pioneer Radio-CD.

Testing your values everything worked fine on DEH-1700UB.
However, I believe that by tune up you mean preset up and vice versa.

I understand it as:
tune up pressed (8kΩ) => from 96,30 will go to the next station it will find moving upward, eg 96,60.
preset up pressed (8kΩ with ring) => from FM 1-1 will go to FM 1-2.

While testing it, it works the other way around, 8kΩ without ring will go from FM 1-1 to FM 1-2.

Hello Nikos,

You are the first person that tells me this. I know many people tried this with succes. But it is possible that some functions will be different on your headunit.

This is why you did good testing things first!

Thanks for sharing this, I will look out if more people have this issue.

Hello, great job and awesome schematics. I have a question (because i never studied electronics :P)  What kind of diodes should I use? would it work fine with 4 x 1N4007 or 4x 1N4148? 

Thanks, and sorry for my English

Hey, thank you! Both type of diodes will work just fine!Have fun!

how many watts are the resistors used?

I don't really know,.This is not an performance circuit, its a control circuit. So I am sure stock 0,25w will be fine!

Hi Thanks for th tutorial! It's great. I tried it yesterday with my pioneer avhx2650bt. It just didn't work. I checked everything and it still didn`t work. It seems easy and I don`t see many places for mistakes, buy maybe you have an idea?

Hey sean,

Like I've replied in your email it is possible the DVD series have different resistor values/functions. To find them out yourself just hook up a 100Kohm potentiometer and trigger it every 500Ohms. I am sure this will work!

Hi Sean, Your pioneer having 2 methode for setting, with or without adapter. If you using the resistor value as mentioned in this thread, try with adapter methode instead without adaptor. If you didn't any change with your resistance you can try without adapter mode. Thx

Hi there,

I would like to thanks you for this, i've just made myself a modification on my car, and now my  command are working again (the simplest one, i don't have any diode and there isn't enought space on the circuit to solder them)  so "only" 6 functions on 8 are working.

It cost me a lot of money: 5€ Biggrin

my unit is: Pioneer MVH-X560BT

And I confirm those values are good on it:

1,2K = source/2 sec. off
3,3k = ATT (mute)
8,2K = tune up/next track
12K = tune down/previous track
15K = volume up +
22K = volume down -

Thanks again !

Hello, JVDE

Thank  you for the great schematic. It maybe a dumb thing but I have a little bit of confusion. My Alfa's steering controlls are split in 3 cables. Two cables with electric current (4.96v)  and one ground, can you please tell me, where each cable should go in the schematic?

Thanks in advance!

Hello George,

sleeve = ground

ring = 5VDC1

tip = 5VDC2


The ring and tip may have to be reversed. Just try and if it does not work switch them.

Good luck!

hi super thread, i just started research to send commands to my deh p65bt both from my steering wheel commands witch i intend to mod for this pourpus and also to control and send command via serial from my tablet, and there is something unclear to me, the 5v on ring and shleve comes from the pioneer device or do i have to provide the voltage from a separate power supply? cant wait to start my project with arduino controled mp3 player, will update here if any one wants to try it Smile but i need to start first and this waas bugging me in my schematic as it changes a couple of stuff, cant wait for a replay,

Hey Spider 2077!As said in the email the 5V signals come from the Pioneer headunit, not external!

<p>hey where is the 5v cable from pioneer ?</p>

It is in the jack plug, please read!

you saved us a alot of trouble finding resistor's values. can't wait to try it on my old deh-p5900 thanks again

Hi ,


My device is MVH-X175UI.  I measured the voltage of tip and ring is 3.3V.  Also,  I tried  many value 

1.2k , 8.2k ,12k ,15k    all failed. No effect 

Would you teach me how to keep going ? Any tips ?


Very true! Makes a change to see sooenme spell it out like that. Smile

A wonderful job. Super helpful inorfmation.

Is there any code yet for play pause? Or preset button 4? That and the volume and seeks are what I want. Also, if you hold the button down say on volume down does it scroll all the way down to 0 or does it just move 1 unit and wait for the next input?

The volume function keeps scrolling. Not sure about the pauze button


I just wanted to thank you for this! My truck does not have sterring wheel controls, so I mounted 5 push buttons (and the necessary resitors and diodes) on to a 2x8 cm board which I mounted on the front of my center console just below my fingers when my arm is on the arm rest. [skip] [vol up] [voice] [vol dwn] [prev]

Works like a charm with my new NEX and Android Auto. While 'pause' would have been nice, I am more than please with the result.

Thanks again,




Thanks for publishing this information, it was a precious start to replace my aging BMW Clarion radio on my motorbike with a Pioneer MVH-X370B.

After making a test rig as suggested to double check resistor values (a big 10 cm lego wheel stuck on the 100k pot' shaft makes fine tuning the resistance so much easier), on my radio, 5.5kohm flips the display between clock and frequency.

Have not tried the phone part yet, but as I don't have those functions on any available buttons on the bike for the moment, it's a moot point!

Thanks for publishing these details!



I'm glad this article is of good use for everyone ! 

Hi, i Have connected AVH-X8650BT with steering wheel control in my corolla without any adopter or resistor value... the headunit has mapping option, means it can configure input signals, my problem is that when i connect input 1 on tip on input 2 with ring... Vol+ , Vol -, FWD and Backward Work flawlessly but among source, connect call, drop and voice control only 1 work and when i change the input other way round , Source, connect call, drop and voice control work flawlessly but only 1 Work in Vol+, Vol -, Forward and backward... is there any way that all a/m control work flawlessly, any help will be apreciated... 

Hello,The new Pioneer series with mapping option are a whole new system. My writeup is for Pioneer headunits that don't have this new function.Please contact your seller for these issues.

Hi Guys

this page is really usefull  i'm about to build a steering remote for my car and i have the x4750BT
so i'm going to be posting if everyhing is working and what kind of funtions i can find on the way


This whole mapping ist great. It works so well for any Pioneer or Sony Headunit. My Sony MEX-N4100BT could also map it on its own but this works really creepy and the most keys don't work. But if you set it on external everything is fine! Big thanks!

Greetings from Germany

Hello JVDE, your article is perfect and most of the functions worked in my DEH-P4980MP,  except the preset up/dwn with diodes.  Is it necessary to short sleeve with ring  ? Thanks

Just info for all of you, since 2014 Pioneer double din lcd already with learning system for steering wheel input setting. Thx

My hu is an FH-X700BT on lincoln LS, the measured voltage on TIP and RING is +3.3v
I made a voltage divider to read the button if pressed and assign a task. I'm working on pcb.
1 press Mute/phone button = Answer phone
2 press Mute/phone button = hang phone
HOLD Mute/phone button = MUTE/ATT
Vol +,Vol-,next,prev,Media = Source/OFF




<p>Exactly right. Nice one!</p>

Many thanks JVDE, I had to adapt your scheme and values to my new MVH-X560BT and that works perfectly.
Without your 'pioneer' initiative it could'nt be achieved.

My challenge was :
. hide this new unit,
. build a remote control from the old 'Tuner List' Facade of my Renault that I let in place after installing push-buttons & resistances,
. keep all necessary functions provided by the new Pioneer, and including phone ones as separate from audio,
. build a wheel remote for +/-/next/prev (not done yet !)

First I had to reajust the res values with DC2/DC1 giving 3.27/3.26 v.
I manage to avoid any serial resistance, but keep parallel ring diodes when necessary.
Here are the values :

( assuming D1 is the ring diode )

(0K and) D1        Src/off
1K8         Mute
2K9         Display/Dimmer/Extinct
3K8         Next Track  ->
5K5         Prev Track  <-
8K3         Vol up/
12K         Vol down/
47K         Band or Escape
6K7 and D1         Preset or Folder up
10K and D1         Preset or Folder down

1K2 and D1         Phone Menu/Conn.Menu
3K5 and D1         Answer
5K and D1         Hangup or Reject ( 5K7 fails ! )
3K8         EnterFct or Dial ( idem next track )
5K5         Esc or Return ( idem Previous Track )
6K7 and D1         Previous Item ( idem Folder up )
10K and D1         Next Item ( idem Folder down )

I don't assign mute function to a button : can be activated with simultaneous Display + Track(or vol).
Phone menu can also be activated by simult. Answ+Reject
Phone functions Enter-Dial/Esc/Pev Item/Next Item are simply made by double wiring on equivalent audio resistances.

So I have a convenient control from old facade with
. audio fcts on left side,
. phone fcts on right side.

And sorry, I've not found that famous 'Pause' res value.
Nor the 'List' for easy Folders navigation on Mp3 usb library.

But hey,  it's just very near as perfect.

Have a nice time JvDE, and all folks on the thread.